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Dance To Your Own Music

Mainstream music is the soundtrack for many of our lives. However it’s important to consider what lyrics provoke us to think positively and think big picture.

Songs create coincidences and connections that intersect with our lives. Listening to tunes that foster positive coincidences of creation and re-construction rather than indignity and self destruction is powerful. What we listen to can affirm and strengthen our thoughts that turn into actions.

The most popular songs are made technically perfect and promoted very well. They can be fun to dance to and okay to enjoy but music is truly about the story and our connection we create with it. There are to many artist and musicians who do amazing work and don’t get the streams they deserve. It’s important to share music to help promote positivity.

The songs we vibe with is part of our uniqueness and commonness with others alike. It’s important to consider what resonates with you. Listen to your own inner voice and... Dance to your own music.

-DJ Marty McFly

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