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The Sound of Music: the “Wow” Factor for Any Party

What takes a party from ordinary to over-the-top? The music! Having the right sounds at for your event can play a role in how successful it is! Let’s face it: music for your event is not only used as a form of entertainment, but it also creates a unique atmosphere that affects your guests.

Music unites

Whether it’s a festival, concert or celebratory party, music unites people, bringing them together to enjoy dancing and to be entertained. It breaks down social barriers by encouraging people to mingle as well as language barriers. Everyone can enjoy a popular rhythm or beat without the need for words.

Music conveys emotions

Music portrays a mood. lively, vibrant, upbeat music makes us happy, whilst sad melancholy music may cause us to reflect and feel sad. Music stirs emotions – making us either calm, nostalgic, happy or sad and then encourages us to respond accordingly.

Music energizes

A rousing beat gets people off their seats and onto the dance floor, which takes the event to the next level. A DJ who understands the power of energetic music keeps a party vibe going with happy, enthused guests dancing the night away.

Music showcases personality

Selecting music for your event is a unique way of expressing your own personality for a personal celebratory event. It reflects your taste and helps you to wow your crowd with amazing dance moves.

Music creates memories

People tend to remember event music far longer than other elements you may have planned for your event. For example, whereas they may not remember the type of flowers you had at your wedding, it’s likely they can recall the track that livened up the dance floor. Remember, people talk about successful events. If they enjoyed their party night, they’ll be talking about it for the right reasons.

So, selecting the right kind of music for your event is vital! With years of being a professional, public/private event DJ Marty McFly is ready to get your party…rocking! He’s got lots of experience hosting all kinds of events including concerts, nightlife, sporting events and weddings. Choose your genre and your theme and he’ll take care of the rest – everything from hip-hop, jazz, party mixes and cocktail music — you name it he’ll play it. Find out more by contacting him today.

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