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Four Excellent Reasons to Choose DJ Marty McFly Over a Band

When it’s time for people to choose who will provide the music for an upcoming event they’re hosting, whether the event be public or private, they must decide if it would be best to hire a disc jockey (DJ) or a live band. There are many excellent reasons to hire a DJ to spin the tunes!

And when you do make the right decision—a DJ, of course—let DJ Marty McFly be your music maker. He will be a key element in helping make your event a huge success. The combination of Marty’s long-time professional experience and his in-depth knowledge of music genres will turn your event into one that you and your guests will remember for years.

If you need a few more incentives as to why Marty is better than a live band, consider these aspects.

Live bands will cost you more. Any decent musical group consists of at least five people, so that’s at least five people to pay. Tips and possible travel expenses that each person could charge add up, especially if it’s a national holiday.

Marty takes up a lot less space than a band, and it’s possible that your venue has a limit on available locations, and the number of musicians and pieces of equipment allowed in.

Marty will play the original artists’ renditions of your favorite songs. It’s pretty tough for a band to capture and recreate the original artists’ energy, pizzazz and perfection. Marty’s song catalogue is huge, so there’s little chance of being disappointed.

Consider DJ Marty your event leader. He uses his boundless energy and dynamic stage presence to get one and all primed and pumped for a good time. He’s an expert at creating the perfect mood and setting the pace.

DJ Marty McFly is licensed and insured, so you can be sure that you’re getting quality and professional work. To find out how he can make your event the best that it can be, call or email him at 515-512-2003 or He looks forward to making your event a blast!!

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